How is Bail Set in Colorado?

Generally speaking, when someone is arrested on suspicion of having carried out a crime in the State of Colorado, the police take the person to jail. There, he or she goes through the general booking procedure, followed by lock up in a cell, first appearance at court, and then, if the judge decides to set bail, the arrested person is eligible for release.

The timing of these procedures, though, will vary between detention facilities. Whether or not the judge grants bail, as well as the amount of the bail, will depend on the nature of the offense, how many previous offenses and arrests the defendant has, and the likelihood that the defendant will return to the next court hearing once released. That, in short, is how bail is set in Colorado. There are common bail schedules for many offenses. The final amount, though, is within the judge’s discretion. The judge may also order that out-of-state offenders released on bail must stay in Colorado until the conclusion of the case.

Trust an Experienced and Licensed Bond Agent

So someone you know has been arrested and now that person is eligible to post bail and be released. This is where ABC Bail Bonds comes in. We are highly experienced, state-licensed bondsmen who will post the full amount of the bail on behalf of the defendant. Our company has provided all types of bail bonds for decades. We have the knowledge and experience that counts in these stressful situations. If you need more information about what a bail bond is, just give us a call.

The bail amount set by the judge is not intended to be a punishment for an arrest, nor is it a way for the court to profit from defendants. As defined by the Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution, bail can only serve as collateral to ensure that arrested individuals, upon release from jail, will return for the next court date. At the conclusion of the case, the bail amount is returned to whoever paid for it.

Reliable Bondsman for Speedier Release

However, judges still set bail amounts that are too high for many individuals to pay in full all at once. Our services work by charging you a percentage of the total bail amount and then posting the full amount for the person you’re trying to help. The percentage you pay us is what we keep as payment for our service. We recoup our portion of the expense from the court when the case is over. When individuals fail to appear in court, the court keeps the bond amount, and a bounty hunter then attempts to return the defendant to court.

Your bond agent won’t be able to make the jail’s correction officers move faster. They have their own release procedures to go through once bail has been posted. But when you get started on the bail process as soon as possible, you help to ensure there are no unnecessary delays. Our quick response times make for a smoother release process.

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